We understand that domestic abuse is not a life choice.

Developed by Iceni, Venta is the only RESPECT accredited programme in Suffolk. Venta offers 16 weeks of exploration, understanding, learning and personal growth for men who currently or historically, exhibit behaviours that are considered violent, abusive, coercive or controlling.

Using a range of theories and combining education and group therapy, the programme provides a safe, contained and non-judgemental space to take a look at your ‘self’ within the context of relationships, and an opportunity to do things differently. Men will learn how relationships work and particularly why they may react or behave in particular ways.

This programme is funded by the home office and has been positively evaluated by the university of Suffolk.

Our Stories

Jordan’s story

Jordan, a 36-year-old male sought the help of Iceni in 2022 regarding domestic issues. Alcohol misuse was also a factor which he wanted to address. He had been estranged from his ex-partner and children for several months for reasons which he was fully aware of. His goal was to gain a better understanding of himself and to rebuild relationships with his children. At the offset of his time at Iceni, Jordan was under the jurisdiction of probation services.

Personal progress

Partaking in the Venta Program for 16 weeks, things began to change for Jordan. Maintaining his personal truth but not at the expense of an open mind, he began to take responsibility for his past behaviours, furthermore how these would need to change. 10 weeks into the Venta Program, Jordan began one-to-one therapeutic counselling for a 24-week period. Initially apprehensive regarding working with a male counsellor, it didn’t take long for him to explore his feelings, displaying great honesty, humility and acceptance. During this period, the interactions via telephone with his ex-partner and children became more regular. As time moved on, Jordan was able to take responsibility for his actions without justification, culminating in an authentic acceptance of himself, deciding to explore the solution as opposed to the problem whilst being supported by Iceni in the process.


Jordan completed the 16-week Venta program and 24 weeks of one-to-one therapeutic counselling, continuously learning about himself, triggers, and destructive behaviours in the process. Jordan is no longer under the jurisdiction of probation services and is having regular contact with his children. 13 months abstinent from alcohol, Jordan regularly attends AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) meetings and continues to engage with us here at Iceni, accessing the Re-Inventa group on a weekly basis; a therapeutic peer support group run by Iceni for people who have completed the Venta Program. Jordan also continues to have weekly sessions of acupuncture as he has throughout his time here at Iceni with our complementary therapist.


Jordan has been able to reflect on himself and take responsibility for his behaviour in relationships which will inevitably be a positive thing for future relationships. His relationship with his children has improved as he is seeing them more often and consistently. He feels healthier in himself and more present and less reactive. He has found an inner peace. He has more freedom and autonomy over his own life. Re-Inventa gives him a place to feel connected without restriction.