Iceni and your business, working together

Together we are stronger.

Donating can help your business provide a legacy in helping fix community issues that you and your employees care about and get you more involved in making sure your business makes a difference.

If it is important to you and your business to help support the local community and play an active role in this, then supporting Iceni is a great way to show your customers, partners and stakeholders that your actions speak louder than words!

Engaging your employees: a feeling of unity, a common cause, life beyond work

Connecting with the community: being part of where you live, interacting with the people

Tax breaks: some of your efforts and donations will be tax-deductible

Goodwill: acting as and being seen as a contributor to society and not just someone profiting from your customers and community. This perception is immeasurable.

Volunteers: many non-profits and charities that may be short on funds are still big on manpower. They can help bring out people to help in promotions and help staff and run events.

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