Family therapy

Allowing discussion and encouraging healthy communication between you and your family.

Family therapy helps families increase useful communication and ease misunderstandings and conflict.

It supports participants to cultivate harmony and deepen healthy attachments by discovering new ways to interact and overcome unhealthy patterns of relating to each other. Family therapy at Iceni thoughtfully considers each family’s situation independently to inform a treatment plan that is targeted and personalised. Depending on needs, treatment plans are between six and 12 weekly sessions, working with individual family members as well as collectively and using techniques drawn from a variety of therapy approaches. This allows for flexibility and creativity in addressing the underlying causes for stressful ways of interacting that build up within family dynamics and can feel overwhelming and unmanageable (including behavioural and emotional problems, relational difficulties, anxiety and depression). Hoped outcomes are that family members better understand one another, gain insights to manage challenging situations effectively and achieve a stronger sense of connectedness. Additionally, family therapy may target more specific issues such as sensitively supporting children to understand and manage the emotional impact on them from substance abuse or domestic violence within their family.