Child Parent Relationship Therapy (CPRT)

Promoting the importance of relationships between parent and child, designed with your family in mind.

CPRT is based on the idea that the parent acting as the agent for change in place of the play therapist, has the potential to have significant and long lasting positive gains for families.

Our format is 10 sessions in which a parent would be conducting weekly play sessions at home and come back to the group for supervision of these play times with other parents going through similar struggles.

By improving and strengthening the child-parent relationship by having special one-to-one play times, a child’s behaviour is seen to improve as trust and intimacy grows within their relationship. Techniques that the play therapist uses are taught to parents and it promotes relationships over control and coercion. Tricking or bribing a child into behaving in the way an adult wants them to may indeed work in the short term for a peaceful half hour, but working on the reasons why a child displays negative behaviours and struggles with parental boundaries allows the child to learn their own moral compass with the guidance of the parent.