Triple P

More than just parenting hacks.

Triple P gives parents simple and practical strategies to help them build strong, healthy relationships, confidently manage their children’s behaviour and prevent problems developing.

Triple P is used in more 30 countries and has been shown to work across cultures, socio-economic groups and in many different kinds of family structures. At Iceni we deliver two different forms of Triple P. We offer ‘Group Level 4’ which is aimed for parents of children aged approximately 18 months to 11 years.

Iceni also offer ‘Family Transitions’ Triple P. This is a specialist course designed to help a parent who is going through divorce or separation, or experiencing difficulties following it. It explores how to co-parent, how to deal with difficult situations and how to cope with negative emotions. It also looks at how to minimise the impact of parental issues on children. Both forms of Triple P are delivered as a mix of group and one-to-one sessions. In addition, we are available to offer ongoing post course support.