My Stronger Self

This group is an empowering group for anyone who needs a boost of self-esteem and uplifting.

After learning about what self esteem is, you will be guided as to how this plays a role in how you make decisions in relationships, work and other areas of your life and how you can explore your full potential to do this.

The group facilitator will help you to unpick parts of your through process and be curious about automatic negative thought patterns and detrimental self -talk. Throughout this process you may learn about known psychological models, such as Johari’s window and Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and differences between Passive, Assertive and Aggressive, all of which will support you in recognising personal habits and helping you create a more confident and positive future. The aim is for you to leave more resilient with what life might throw at you and able to make decisions for yourself to create a happier life for you.