A place to find connection through similar experiences of domestic abuse.

The Boudica programme is a therapeutic client centred intervention that aims to understand both how domestic abuse happens to its members and why detrimental behaviour is directed towards them.

Uniquely, the Boudica programme is facilitated by trained and experienced therapists who nurture emotional development, veering away from the general structured template of teaching that is often promoted. Boudica’s contained group setting offers a safe space in which members can lead, relate and find connection through shared experiences. The intimacy of this connection intends to foster healing and through the influence of the relationships developed within the group, members are empowered to find their unexpressed strength and their vanished parts of self: giving promise for a reclaimed future. The Boudica programme explores pertinent factors associated with domestic abuse across 12 weekly, two-hour sessions and aims to use curiosity to understand how each group member experiences these factors.