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Anyone who donates to Iceni can rest assured their money will provide help to families and children who need it most.

Help us change families lives for the better.
At Iceni we rely on donations to provide the support we do to so many families.

We are committed to using your donations to break the cycle of substance misuse, domestic abuse and hardship, to give children the opportunity to have a healthy, happy and safe start in life.
However you chose to donate, every donation, large or small, helps us to provide families support when they need it most and we will honour your generous contribution by ensuring it is spent effectively to create meaningful change.

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Out of every £1 you donate, 90p goes to helping people in our care. We split only 10p across our costs and marketing.


Your donation can make a difference

Emily and her three children attended Iceni after leaving an abusive environment where their father was misusing substances. Emily was able to access counselling, My Stronger Self and acupuncture to build her resilience and confidence in parenting. The children were able to benefit from play therapy and family therapy to repair the negative psychological impact caused by harmful behaviour and substance misuse. Your donation creates a wrap-around service for this family to help them succeed and grow together.

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