Our impact

Families who commit to working with us have the opportunity to become stronger, more resilient and equipped with the tools they need to deal with life’s challenges.

Here’s some background on the issues relating to substance misuse and abuse in Suffolk:

It is estimated that around three women a week die by suicide as a result of domestic abuse.

(Refuge, 2017)

On 31st March 2021, there were 3,937 children in need in Suffolk.

(Suffolk County Council 2022)

Estimated over 20,000 children in Suffolk are experiencing a household where there is alcohol and/or substance misuse.

(Suffolk County Council 2022)

On average victims experience 50 incidents of abuse before getting effective help.

(Safelives 2015)

Some of our results

For the children and families:

of families experience improvement in parenting capacity and a healthier home environment
Improvement in self-esteem, mental and physical health and well-being because of reducing domestic abuse and substance misuse
Increased self-esteem and resilience of children
Children have security, safety and care in their everyday lives
Iceni helped get my daughter back and provided the platform for a happy, secure future.
The staff at Iceni really listened to me. No other professional has really; they just tell us what to do and make us feel like bad parents.
We get along better and understand each other more than we did before. Without Iceni, I doubt me, and my partner would still be together and or children would have struggled with that.
It took over two years to get my children back, thankfully Iceni could see I was a good enough parent, thank you for sticking with me, forever grateful.
Our Stories

Jordan's story

Jordan, a 36-year-old male sought the help of Iceni in 2022 regarding domestic issues. Alcohol misuse was also a factor which he wanted to address. He had been estranged from his ex-partner and children...
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Our Stories

Georgia's story

Georgia attended Iceni after being recommended by a friend when domestic violence in her relationship became something she knew needed support with in order to protect herself and her children…
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