The balancing of the mind and body.

Auriculotherapy is a subtle and natural form of healing in which the surface of the ear is stimulated to alleviate pathological conditions in other parts of the body. Its focus is on improving overall well-being whilst also being able to help treat specific symptoms.

The basic principle of ear acupuncture is to promote the smooth movement of Qi (motivating energy) along pathways known as meridians, as it is thought that blocked energy in these channels causes imbalances in the body, mind and spirit which results in illness.

By inserting fine needles into specific points of the ear our auricular therapist can stimulate the body’s own healing response and help restore its natural balance. It can support detoxification in the body, as well as relief from depression, anxiety states and tension. It can help with sleep, appetite, hormone issues and muscular skeletal pain.

The principal aim of auriculotherapy in treating the whole person, is to recover the equilibrium for each part of ourselves: physically, emotionally, spiritually and sexually. It is balancing of the body and mind.

We are proud to have Jo as our complementary therapy lead and she is currently one of only three master auricular trainers in this country.